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GDC was life changing. I learned so much there and met so many awesome people from the game industry and had loads of fun. I attended the game design workshops the first two days since design is what I’m most interested in and doing for the thesis game. They were taught by very experienced designers from the industry such as Stone Librande, (lead designer of Diablo 3 and currently at Riot). I learned more in that 2 day workshop than I did during all of the game design class. I learned a lot of techniques and theories that I can apply to the thesis game. I was able to meet a lot of people from the industry and do some good networking. Through my good friend Lilian Chen, a former pro Super Smash Bros player, I was able to network with many people in the esports community. I showed many of them my game and got lots of feedback and interest. The key was to hit up all the after parties and be social able. Even when you’re tired and want to go to bed, go to the parties, meet people, talk about what you do and find out what they do. Hopefully when I get back to SLC, I can put all the knowledge and connections to use for the thesis game.

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