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EAE day was a success. Our game was very popular and well received, it was the most played out of the C5 games. Everyone that played it had good things to say and were really interested in the progress of the game. It made me really happy to see the look of joy and excitement on peoples faces when they played it, especially when I brought my friends and co workers to play. This is the reason I am in this industry. A few days after GDC, we meet up as a team for lunch to set our summer plans. A few of the engineers will try porting the game to Unreal to see if it fixes our networking issues. The others will work on creating a team and lobby feature so we can try testing out different game modes. My job is to finish up the list of weapons, send it to the artists and engineers so they can create models, particle effects and code them. I am going with the idea of using standard arena fps guns, taking Roger’s advice of not using crazy guns to detract from attention the 360 camera should get. We set up a level design process. Everyone who wants to make a level should choose an existing fps level and build a level based on its theme/gameplay that utilizes the 30 camera. I won’t be able to do too much for the time being because they want me full time at React games until the current project is finished, but I’m looking forward to designing some interesting features and levels this summer!

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