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Monthly Archives: September 2015

So we had an alum from our program come and visit. He is a currently a game designer on Rainbow Six: Siege. He was interested in our game since it is a first person shooter and that’s his specialty. He played it a bunch and gave us some very insightful feedback. First off, our 360 camera doesn’t work well with a fps game. Regular fps games have something called an eye funnel, the center of the screen where the focus of the player is. The problem with our game is that we have 2 eye funnels not at the center of the screen but too each side. He recommended that we should cut the camera and focus on a wallwalking shooter with levels that look like M.C. Esher’s art. While I don’t necessarily agree the camera should be cut, I do think one of our mechanics need to be cut. We have too much and its too confusing for players. During the week, I brought in a few playtesters from the Counter- Strike: Global Offensive club, experienced fps players. We had them all try the game out ¬†and get their feedback. An interesting thing they all said was that they liked to travel around the map with the 360 camera, using it almost like a radar but as soon as a firefight starts, they toggled it back to a normal camera. This does show that the 360 camera is not ideal for shooting. We’ll have to take some of this feedback and decide where to move on to next.

And so our 2nd and last year of grad school begins. Much development was done on the game over the summer with a small team. I was not involved in the summer development because I had an internship all summer with React Games. So coming back into the project, I was kinda left out of the loop. Somehow wallwalking made it back into the game as a main mechanic, which I don’t particularly like. I think the wallwalking combined with the 360 camera as main mechanics is too overwhelming. I preferred just the 360 camera. The argument for using both mechanics is the new goal of the game, helping players to learn how to see and move in a true 3D space. I believe that if we do use wallwalking, it should be as a limited ability such as a powerup or player ability. I’ll see if I can convince the group to test out both.