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Monthly Archives: May 2015

The level is complete, I showed it to Joe, the level design professor and got some feed back, he liked the concept and gave some advice on small adjustments to make the level flow and play better such as better position of the landmark buildings, texturing them differently, adding some cover. Got more feedback from the team such as establishing a color pallet for the temporary textures (textures weren’t completed by the artist in time and probably won’t be), positioning cover in certain places. After these small tweaks and adjustments, I think the level is ready for public play. Our network was finally working more or lessĀ  and our character models were animated. We merged everything together, including an indoor, confined concept level another one of our team members made, into a final EAE build. Our posters and business cards were made. We were ready.

Running into too many issues now. Artists can’t decide on art styles, the art lead isn’t making enough firm decisions. Engineers working on experimental things aren’t doing any work, they just sit there doing other stuff or playing games. The engineers working on networking are running into issues that take time to fix. Levels can’t be built since prefabs keep resetting. The professors are pushing us to iterate. Us producers don’t know what to do now.