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Monthly Archives: February 2015

So our game got selected! I am very excited to move forward with development. Our Professors told us they support our original decision to make a first person multiplayer game since the 360 FOV camera brings such a unique approach to it, I think they initially questioned us making a multiplayer game because they wanted us to really think if making a multiplayer game would make the game better. Since our design goal and problem in mind is to make a multiplayer fps with a 360 camera, we thought that was more than enough reason. So we now have 14 people on our team, going from the smallest to tied for the largest team. 6 engineers, 4 artists, 1 tech artist and 3 producers. We start organizing our teams, selecting leads for art and engineering. For that we all asked Daniel and Jon since they were part of the original team of the game, the few that were willing to step up to that position, and very knowledgeable at their craft. For us producers, since we had 3, I asked them if it was okay if I took mostly a designer role rather than producer and they were okay with that. Andrew wanted to take solely a producer role and Greg didn’t mind floating between the two. Everything was organized and set up but we only had a week before we go to GDC so the only things we could do this week was make a good gameplay trailer and business cards. We set out to GDC with our roles set so we could gain as much knowledge as we could to do our part.

No crunch was needed that to my awesome scheduling and producer skills…..kidding, I did minimal production work, thought I did put in a good amount of hours working on the presentation. The presentation will be dived up among me, Daniel and Jon since they’re interested in pitching some of it, and I would like all the help I can get for pitching. We made some last minute adjustments in the previous weeks to the game. There’s now a wire frame box around the character so we can better explain the 360 camera, theres a new camera that Jon found on the asset store that we’re trying out. We’re showing a singleplayer demo since multiplayer will take too much time to implement. We’re sticking to the sci-fi theme but are gonna juice it up with a relevant theme. I went with idea of NSA hackers (tyrannical) vs Anonymous(ani-heroes) fighting in a digital world over servers and the info on them. Its a juicy, current topic inspired by all the Netrunner we played (Thanks Jose!). The pitch itself and the game was well received and we got a lot of good feedback. While a few people here and there had slight nausea, most people were really interested in it. Many said we should focus on making really fun multiplayer and don’t worry about theme. I don’t want to sound cocky or biased but I think our game was one of the best pitched. We’ll find out if our professors feel the same next week.

The 10 games were decided. I found that Daniel’s game of a fps with a 360 camera and wall walking really appealed to me. My favorite genre for the past 6 years has been fps games until I switched to MOBAs recently. I love multiplayer competitive games and I’m sure all my classmates and professors know that by now since I never shut up about esports. Daniels game seems like a really coos opportunity to create a competitive multiplayer game that is interesting and unique. While I’ve never worked with him before, I’ve heard he is an incredible tech artist. I also have Jon and Russell on my team, both of whom I’ve worked with and are really talented engineers. While our team of 4 is the smallest team I feel we have enough talent to accomplish just as much as the other teams. We start development on it right away since we’re all excited to work on it. On a small team like this, I know I’ll have to wear many hats, not just designer. I do early logistical and organizing work as a producer to get things going. The engineers and artist start working on making the game. I start doing research into other arena shooters and field of view mods they’ve had (Quake camera mods). I also start developing a level that can show off the 360 camera and wall walking well. Since we have only three weeks to finish, I wanted to start early so the artist can start making assets for it.

Development is going well. We have a really fun toy after the engineers quickly figured out the wall walking and 360 camera code and Daniel created various geometric assets to try the 360 camera and wallwalking on. We’re doing well to stick to the schedule I set. I went and created a level using the geometry assets that we found fun in playing around. We got tons of feedback from the dry run pitch from Roger and Bob, they made us think about the various features in the game like why a fps, why a sci-fi theme, why do multiplayer, why we need wall walking. They did love the 360 camera though. We realized we had to answer those questions ourselves. We were all deadset on making a fps game because we’re passionate about the genre and it was the reason why we joined that project. The sci-fi theme allowed us to put out the types of geometry and textures that made navigation with the camera better. The wallwalking was to provide tactical play when the ability to sneak up on people was gone and to make the player use the 360 camera more. They did suggest that we try out a real world level and find ways to make the 360 camera make more sense to new players. So while development is going well, we still have work to do.