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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pitch week happened, there were some good ideas, some bad. I thought my presentation went well, I don’t hate pitching, but I don’t particular love it, not pitches in environments like this anyways. I like to pitch things to individuals, more of explaining them what the idea is. While I liked my idea, I know its good not to be particularly married to it so I decided to wait until the last day before deciding team to join or if anyone approached me to make my game. Bob and Roger had a list of games they liked but not games that we have to pick. My game wasn’t on the list but it doesn’t bother me at all to my surprise, I’ve learn well from Jose that ideas aren’t that important. Roger put the pressure on us to decide 10 games ourselves for the industry pitch, each game had to have 3 of the 4 tracks. Me and some of the other came up with a system that many in the cohort agreed was a good to decide the 10 games. Make an excel sheet with all the games listed, people write their names next to games. We set a deadline for each day to eliminate the games with no names, then 1 name, then 2 and so on until Monday when the deadline was. Then some individuals thought it was a bad idea and took it on themselves to inform the rest of the cohort this and said they were coming up with a new method someone straight up said to my face that my method was stupid and useless. After much debate, they “came up” with a system that was exactly what I had originally. Whatever, I could care less at this point, I just won’t bother stepping up to these cohort organizing task anymore, not worth my time.

The start of a new semester and finally get to start working on the beginnings of our thesis games. We all told to pitch a game idea or be a part of a pitch. This is a opportunity to practice some game design and idea generation. Since the last semester, I’ve really thought about what I want to do and have come to the realization that design is what I want to pursue. I’ve always been fascinated about light and shadows and wanted to do a game that used it in the mechanics. I had some initial ideas for a co-op puzzle game that used light and shadow. Saurabh was interested in it and join my pitch. Greg also came by and gave some input and feedback that was useful. I did research on other games that used light and shadows and decided on a idea/pitch. It would be a co-op game where one player could only move in Light and the other only in Shadow. The players would interact with objects and light sources to create areas of light and and shadow to get through levels. Gonna pitch this to the cohort on pitch day and see how it goes.