So, Nancy has been having weird issues with the multi-site wordpress installation for EAE. In short, when she has been working on a post for a while, wordpress boots her, or just refuses to save. I think it just refuses to save. I’m trying to see if I can duplicate the problem. It might be an issue with the salts, or possibly just a time-out issue and then not dealing well with the time-out? Anyway, I will have some long posts that are written over the course of several hours to see if I can join her on this odd trip.

I noticed Nancy uses exclamation points in her categories. Should not be a problem, but you never know. There are a lot of things that should not be problems, but are.


I should check what plug-ins Nancy has activated for her blog. Okay, I checked – no plugins activated. Very standard set-up.

my headphones give me a headache 🙁 and i’ll put some more text here…

notes on this: format=standard, no tags, set to publish immediately.

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