Semester 3 Thesis – 7

Finally we have submitted the game to IGF at 5:30 am in the morning ! Everyone is burned out but we feel great and proud as a team . Here is the gameplay video of our game Blind trust.

So we are approaching the end of the semester. The only thing that needs to be updated now is the tutorial level. From the gameplay the tutorial level does not seem to be that intuitive enough for now. So that would be the final part that we will be working on this semester.

So basically my task now is to code the behavior of an insect that looks like a bee with some particles emitting from the tail.  He will orbit around the blind player in a sin wave fashion. There will be sound source on the bee and as soon as the blind player points to the sound source, the bee will move to another point around the player and the player will have to identify the sound again. This process will occur 4 times.

Basically the task list is as follows. My name is next to the tasks.


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