Semester 3 Thesis – 6

So everyone is working hard for the IGF now. To give an update of the particle hit effect, through play testing the effects seem too realistic for now. It is not matching with the theme of the game so far.

So I have decided to work with the unity’s particle system and script to behavior to generate one from scratch. It will basically use the mesh which is provided by the artists or the texture that is provided by the artists. So far I came up with these effects .

The one in the middle is using the triangle textures will be used for the arrow hitting the wall. The particles will have the gravity effect and fall down in a cube shape and the collision with the obstacle is detected. I am using texture from the low poly prototyper pack from unity asset store. Later the artists will provide their own textures.


The following video shows the particle effect.

So far I am very happy with the results since it is low poly and cartoonish and goes with the theme of the game. It seems that the from the team feedback this effect is finalized.

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