Fourth Prototype – Sumo-Momentum

Producer – Paul Christian Bills
Engineers-  Hardit Singh , Yang Li , Diana Wang , Sean Keanaaina
Artists-  Shahbaz Sekon, Avinash Kalapala, Robert

For the fourth and final prototype we had the opportunity to work with the Epic’s Unreal Engine. We could select any game idea which was not bound to any genre or theme.

Week 1: Brain Storm
The first week was simply brainstorming the idea of the game. We had a lot of ideas about the game. So we listed the ideas and started to list down common mechanics these ideas share. Ultimately we made a decision to make a game like a Brawler which had RPG elements. So a Brawler is like Super Mario Smash Bros where we have multiplayer controls.

So the idea of our game was to have 2 player multiplayer control where each player had to dash the other player out of the platform. The skill of the player would dynamically increase depending on the way he plays the game. Hence the last player standing would win the game.

We decided to split the engineering teams into two parts where one implemented the game with an isometric view and others implemented the game in a 2D side-scroller view. Irrespective of which one was selected in the end all the mechanics would be incorporated in the final game.

Week 2:

I was working on the Isometric View of the game and implemented several mechanics like speed-up pickups, fire projectiles and dynamic double jumps. I also worked on some particle effects where fire started emitting from the players feet, the faster he ran. I implemented all these mechanics using Unreal Engine’s blueprint system.

Week 3:

In week three we decided to go 2D side scroller view and started working on the characters animation montages. The artists came up with an amazing dash animation. As the name Sumo-Momentum the player will dash the other player off the platform using its current current momentum. The higher the speed at which the player is running the greater will be the momentum of the push.   I also started implementing the menu system.



Week 4:

The fourth week was our final pitch which went really good. We had two people from the studio audience to play the game live and the response from the audience and faculty was overwhelming.

Since we were making the game for EAE Night we decided to spice up the game by adding two levels – lava arena and rooftop arena.



Here are some of the game-play pictures of the lava arena where one player is dashing towards the other with the momentum bar status shown on each of the players heads.

sumo3 lava

sumo4 lava

The rooftop arena level looks as shown in the picture below. The mechanics of the game are exactly the same for both the levels but only the environmental modelling is done differently for each level.

Sumo5 rooftop

Sumo6 rooftopHere’s the gameplay video of SUMO-MOMENTUM.




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