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Semester 2 – Week 14

Ghost Companion Room

After completing the Detect Level I was assigned the task to create a Ghost Companion where a invisible ghost voice will help the protagonist by dictating the weapons and other items that are currently available in the room the protagonist it.

I did a Tron Sci Fi design for this room and added some weapons in every room as shown in the pictures . As soon as the protagonist enters the room a voice can be heard which talks about the things available in the current room. In one of the rooms there is an evil robot and as soon as you enter that room the voice tells you to “Run Away or You will die”.

My team really liked the way I did the level design for the different levels and they made me the official level designer and in charge of programming graphics which was awesome.




After this I was asked to design several levels based on the level design sheets provided to me by the producers. The pictures show my level designing based on the blueprint provided.

Stealth Level 1 Blueprint

Stealth Level 1 Unity Build

Stealth Level 2 Blueprint

Stealth Level 2 Unity Build