Semester 2 – Week 7

This was the final week for this project and we had to finish our build by next week. All the NPC behavior work that I was assigned was finished. In addition to that I was doing the level design and working on the Buddy NPC behavior which keeps following the protagonist. This was done using the following blueprint.

The buddy AI simply keeps the track of the protagonist and runs towards him while maintaining a certain distance from him.

In terms of level design I included the war outposts produced by the artists and put two guards on the outpost towers to keep a look out. The objective of the outpost was to make it scenic as the camera is the main mechanic for our game. So I tried to make it as scenic as possible by using the assets made by the artists.

Also, I had to create a chaos behavior so when the protagonist enters the place he can have a couple of options to take pictures from. The event I created was 5 soldiers shooting in the air and carrying out a rowdy behavior by scaring the hostages and pointing the gun at them from time to time. The other 5 soldiers were basically training and doing shooting practice. There were also civilians here and there doing day to day activity. This produced a scenic environment and conveyed the message of out game.

The 10 thesis ideas were pitched in front of the industry panel and ultimately the list was reduced to 5 thesis games which would be the final games for our thesis. Out of the 5 games I went for Binaural Sound because I thought this game we will explore the new technology of Binaural Audio and make a game that follows audio ques. Hence I finalized in Binaural Sound game and we would resume the development after the GDC week.


Semester 2 – Week 6

In week 6 I had to populate the map and flood it with around 60 NPC’s using the similar blueprint I posted earlier. I could populate it with only half of the NPC’s because more of them were causing a performance bottleneck and so I ended up adding 30 NPC’s with a half of them as soldiers. I used the Mixamo character pack with already had the animations rigged which made it easier for me to code using the blueprints and change the current states of the NPC’s depending on the TriggerBox overlaps.

Semester 2 – Week 5

So I started creating the Civilian AI behavior using a trigger box and a waypoint points which the the Civilian can choose to move between.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 12.58.47


I created the above blueprint. The OnTriggerOverlap basically means that the current position of the Civilian has a small trigger box and since it is overlapping that trigger box , it will start to move towards the second point which is TriggerBox15 using the AIMoveTo function which is built in Unreal Engine. The BotPawn is the name of that particular civilian. Hence in this way you can create a series of waypoints which the civilians can switch.

Semester 2 – Week 4

Out of all the ideas 10 teams were shortlisted and I decided to go with Investigative Journalism game. In the first week we basically brainstormed some ideas about the theme of the game. We decided to go for a stealth game where you can only use the camera and not weapons. You would have to sneak past the soldiers and expose their behaviors by taking pictures from a point. I was assigned the task to work on civilian AI behavior and create an outpost like in Far Cry 3.