Semester 2 – Week 3

This week we are supposed to pitch our game idea to the audience as well as the faculty. Hence I polished the idea and discussed about the points we will be talking about during the pitch. There we several interesting ideas that several of the students provided. The ones that I found interesting were as follow :-

Investigative Journalism
The message that this game presents is that the camera is the camera is your weapon. Its about capturing the horrible atrocities of war and the ill treatment of people during war. You objective is to capture these events using the camera using your camera in dangerous war prone areas.

 Resolution Game
This game was about connecting several platforms to move forward by changing the screen resolution. If you increase or decrease the resolution the blocks can move forward or backward. So you need to get from point A to point by connecting these routes by changing the resolution.

4th Dimension Game
This is similar to the resolution but instead you are connecting platforms using the 4th dimension coordinate system. The complexity and imagination to see in 4th dimension like the tesseract was the interesting concept.

Binaural Audio
I was very impressed by this idea where you need to use binaural audio ques to save people in a building set on fire and experience being a fire fighter. The binaural audio element has not been explored well in games and using this element is definitely a fresh idea.


Semester 2 – Week 2

Based on the initial idea of Unfinished Swan meeting Rogue we came up with this design document.
Screenshot 2015-04-29 20.07.33

As you can see in the design doc it shows the working mechanic of my initial game idea providing an example of the zombie. So in the empty space if the zombie is hit with the paintball he appears and starts attacking you. Then you hit the paintball on another places finally hitting the gun. You can then pick this gun up and kill the zombie. This doc provides a simple game idea.


Semester 2 – Week 1


The first week of the second semester started with creating ideas
for our thesis project. So everyone either teamed up with someone or made proposed their own idea for the game. The idea I though was unfinished swan meets rogue. So you are simply in an empty space with a paintball gun in hand. You start to fire the paintball gun in empty space and things start to appear in front on you. The thing could be any entity, either a person or object or weapon. You could for instance have a zombie and if your paintball hits him, he gets active and starts to attack you. All you can do is run and keep randomly shooting which will reveal weapons that you can switch and then attack the zombie.