Summer is here! We only got 2 more semester left. 2 more!! Time flies!!

We had a team meeting the other day. We planned out what our summer would be like and what we can do. Most of us are going to be staying around and working. We have decided to meet up regularly and report on the progress of the game. We’re going to keep working on the game throughout the summer. We feel that because of the time constrain, it is in our best interest to keep working and progress the game.

We have all divided up the work and we all know what we should do. It will be interesting to see what we can come up with by the end of summer.



EAE is here! AGAIN! This semester has gone by super fast. It is another one down, 2 more semester to go! Our game has progress nicely. We have got our environment in and weapon lock and loaded. Here is our game play video. So far we’re pretty happy the progress we’ve made. We got a lot of feed backs on EAE day. A lot of people are impressed with our game. We’re super excited that we did so well. We are all planning on working on the game over the summer. We going to try and see how far we can take this.

Play testing

Yesterday we had a public play testing. It was very exciting! It’s the first time we let the public play our game! It was very informational to see what the “none-gamer” and people outside of the program thinks of our game. We got a lot of feed backs:

“Really cool”
“Trippy but really cool.”
Hippo head = pea shooter from plants vs zombies
More visual feedback/differentiation for left/right/back… cue direction of mvt. at bottom or around frame
Jump fixed/managed
ramp launching
Particle deletion
suicide by shooting down & falling (LOL)
Targetting strays to the right
Hitscan weapon

All these were very helpful and we talked a lot about what we can do to improve and fix some of the things that were mentioned. I was way excited to see something i worked on being play by other people. The sense of accomplishment is starting to come in!

Iteration, iteration, iteration

Changes after changes. We do have a direction though.

we now have a character for our game. we want to go with a cartoony fun look. we want to move away from the traditional “serious” art style of FPS. This is what we came up with: robotic animals! We are still playing with different ideas of how to best go about our character. Personally i feel we need a more multi directional lower body.




We also go our weapon concept in and our environment art.

gun_concept waterfallcity_concept_1024

Wall walking

No more wall walking! We finally decided to take out wall walking and see what would happen.

AND we like it! It is actually a lot of fun without wall walking. It also clear up a lot of confusion. we no longer have to worry about all these faces we have to walk on because of wall walking. It made our game simpler, yet, more interesting at the same time. Wall walking is not completely out of the door. We might try and build a level just for wall walking. However, for now, it is not going to be in our current build.

See all, shoot all

Well, its the 2nd month of our these game. It has been very interesting. In 4 weeks time we had mad a lot of changes and iteration. We played with camera mode to see what we can do to high light our 360 degree camera view mode. I felt that in a way that all our camera testing has been the same. I think we need a more drastic change to our camera system.

We also divided up teams to do different parts of the project. We got a lot of artist. And so we have divided up the work; assets, environment, particles, and character creation. We got a really great team working together. Design meeting are very helpful in determining the direction of our game. We need to make more changes and iteration. However, we have a pretty good start right now. Everyone is working hard and the game is progressing!

360 reload!

So after the rapid prototype of the B.E.S.T. game, it was finally time to decide what these game to be on. I had a hard time choosing which game I want to work on. On one hand I really enjoy the concept of B.E.S.T. and the potential this game has, on the other, I am interested in the 360 reload game. After a few days of consideration, I have finally decided to move on from the B.E.S.T. game and get on board with 360 reload.

I love the concept of 360 reload. It sounds very interesting. I felt that there are more creativity room to spar in this game. the art style is still very fluid and game concept are still in very early stage of development. It is a very mind-blowing and possibly a genre revolutionary game. I think I made a right choice to join this game/team!

I believe there are 14 of us!


and ME!

Lets get working!!


10 districts have formed, people are chosen, and now we battle to see who will survive!


We have 1 and a half week to prototype our game and present it to the industry panels. From there 5 games will be cut and the other 5 games will be our thesis game. I have decided to work on B.E.S.T. which stands for behavior ethic simulator training. It is a serious game and we want to use it to help train cops better. It involves deep learning that will learn the behavior of players and increase difficulties according to how the player do.

It is a very interesting concept. I love the tech behind the game and would love to work on the art for B.E.S.T.

We have 1 and a half week to make a prototype, lets do this! 😀

What you see is not always what you get

Here is my one sheet for my thesis project.


I felt I did my best and felt good about my pitch. I got some great feed back from the students and Roger. There will be a lot of work to be done and figuring out how the illusion work will be a challenging.

I got a few people interested in my pitch, but I do not know if we’ll be able to get enough people to form a team. Whether or not my pitch gets pick, I am proud of myself for pitching my idea.

Thesis project begins

We have begin our thesis project preparation!





We can either work in a group or come up with thesis on our own. After much consideration, I have decided to pitch my own thesis.

I felt that if other people can have great ideas, why can’t I? There is nothing to lose if I pitch my idea, but I may regret it if I don’t. Even though it had been a while since I presented in front of a crow, I think with a bit of practice I will do good.