Level Editor Design

After thinking how the level editor should be and how to make so could write out the xml file appropriately. I draw my designe out. So basically, there are 4 screens as the picture showing above. The first is the main screen where you could load your cutscene or level xml file and write them […]

Task Divide

Task Divide

Last semester I didn’t do much work on the game side because of my work at Gapp Lab. This semester in order to spend more time on our game I’m not working anymore. I got a big task to do which is Level Editor. This thing will allow all the team members to work on […]

The Last Semester

At the end of last semester, we transfer the game to flashbuilder. New problems come out. My part “thought bubble” is not working anymore so I fixed that. Plus, I also spend time to totally fixed the thought piece splicing part that doesn’t look very right before.

Last Week, Merry Christmas!

The semester is going to be end. Even though we struggled and had a bad time before, we seem ends good. Thank so much for those people who helped me. For this week we basically fixing many bugs, make sure everything works well on EAE day. Thank you team! They made a good bug list that […]

Last Two Weeks

Only two weeks left, we as a group decided we are going to use flash builder for next semester continuing our game. So I  started to get familiar with the environment of flash builder and continuing improve my code and fixing some bugs.

Draw Bubble Leaders

Draw Bubble Leaders

From that time on I’ve never been late, I hope I can keep this record in the future.   My task this time is to draw bubble leaders with programming. I used the center of the bubble and the position of NPC to draw the bubble leader daynamically according to the position of the bubble. We […]

Always remember why I’m here

Talked with Jenjen at 20th, I found out how bad I did this semester. I’m not being a team player for a long time, and because I didn’t like the game mechanism, I being lazy to get tasks  initiatively,  and ends up getting to school late for many times. Jenjen mentioned that this is not […]

Being not effective again

After I kind of finish my tasks and not getting new ones, I started to kind of have nothing to do. A little bit like the start of the semester, I started  to do my own stuff or working on other subject’s assignments.  I didn’t like meetings so when other people are getting there and […]

Resize Bubble According to Text Length

Resize Bubble According to Text Length

Sometimes there are not a lot text in the bubble, if the length is too short, the bubble will looks empty but most important, if the text is too much it will exceed the bubble and that looks ugly.I put different size of either thought bubble and speech bubble on timeline.         […]