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When the game run the functions in actionlist, sometimes the function is get called one by one but sometimes functions are called the same time. In this case I need to put the functions that will be called the same time in the same group. So I basically divide the item in actionlist into three part, the function will be insert into according place depend on where your mouse is on the item in the actionlist.

insertFunction1Like the picture showing here, if your mouse is released in the pink area, the current function will insert between the first item “Set NPC Position” and the second item. If you release your mouse in orange area, the current function will be put between the second item and the third item “NPC Face Direction”. However if you put your mouse in purple area and release it. The current function will be insert into the same group of the second item. After you do that,it will look like this:

insertFunction2Notice there are two items in the second one. This means they are in the same group and will happen at the same time in game. You can expand the group by click on the item.





When the group expanded you can see functions are there in the drop down group menu.





Following are how I did them in code:


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