Converting to Mobile and Optimizing

Our team want our game to be published on ios, and I got that task to convert the game to mobile version.

After searching for a while I found the steps are quite simple. I made another build and copy all the code to that one and change some settings and everything is there. However if we want to publish it on ios we need the certification which is a problem. I search and ask for our professor for help. Ends up Sean have an account that we can use for now which is very nice.

After Sean build the version for IOS, we found the speed of the game is extremely slow. Now I have another task—-to optimize the code so it runs faster.

I found a instruction online telling how to optimize the code one by one. I did them and it worked out very well only one of the cutscene is still very slow. After me, Dayna and Shane trying a lot ways we finally decide to cut some frames in between like this picture showing:



This time it runs very fluently. We together make things look very good and that is a teamwork!


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