Blind Trust

Yes, after several name changed, we eventually got decided. We all like Blind Trust, because out game based on two characters’ corporation to finish the level. One character is blind, the other is deaf, who are trust each other beating the monsters.

Plus, our producers create the website for the game.

Thanks Nick and Laurie made a lot effort  for it.

new stuff

those are few props images from what I’ve been doing these days.

I was inspired by the game, Grow Home. Found Grow Home’s art style is kinda similar to our game. And I played it, really like it, low-poly and all characters are very interesting.

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since we changed our gameplay over the summer break, and we have to finish the first level before the IGF.  The time was kinda tight to do so, we gotta carry on.

we had the meeting about designing the the level, which also confirmed what the art style looks like. my job was finishing up some assets that we needed in the early game.

first week plans

after a long summer vacation, we team members changed, as well as our game. We changed our gameplay and entire art style. we did about two weeks research for the style, eventually, we focused on the low poly, and the art style would base on mobile game Lost Sound.  12048588_896666257085624_834369563_n low-poly-tim-smits screen1136x1136-410

kid’s model

based on the adult men model, I changed it into kid, which looks chubbier and more like kid. To do this, I found a lot of kids body proportion images. and it turned out good, needed to put him suit on and weapons.