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Team Plastic Squad has finished our first prototype!  We added in some polish after the soft pitch.  I think that adding the snowball and “Poof” assets really make an impact.  It feels a lot funner to see your opponent’s pieces get run over now.  Overall, I’m really proud of how this project went.



Frozen Shuffle is a local multiplayer game of slippery snowmen.  Two players compete to either deliver 8 of their snowmen to safety, or destroy 5 of their opponent’s snowmen.  Currently, the only way to destroy a piece is by pushing it in front of a rolling snowball hazard.  If we were to continue developing this game I would like to add other hazards.  I would also like to add special abilities to certain pieces, like a medic that is capable of reviving downed pieces.


The team hasn’t decided to pursue this game further together.  However, we’ve all agreed that this is open to any teammate who wants to continue development.  When I get a chance, I would like to take the time to port our game to android.  I always felt that this game would be the most fun played on a mobile device while waiting at a restaurant or movie theatre.  I think my husband and I would have fun playing this on our android tablet.