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Last week we formed groups and started working on a game prototype.  Bob and Roger gave us a dollar store toy as inspiration for a video game.  We were given army men.

Army Men


My team completely misunderstood the point of the toy.   We tried to create an army-men themed game instead of examining what’s fun about army men.  Our presentation on Thursday was awful.  Our team talked for hours and couldn’t agree on a  game concept.


Luckily, I had plans to hang out with Kyle (from Cohort 4) this weekend.  He had some really great suggestions for our game.  I pulled out my copy of Knights of Crylail and started prototyping.  I kept my poor husband up all Saturday night making him play with me.  I added a turn-based multiplayer game mechanic.  We also changed the movement from pick-up-and-move to a more billiards/shuffleboard inspired slingshot movement.  The blue markings on the paper-wall represent the goals.  The pink sharpie was our hazard warning and we used a beach ball as the hazard.  It took quite a few rule changes to get something we enjoyed playing, but in the end I think the analog prototype is pretty cool.




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