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We started a new project today.  The prompt for this prototype is to take an arcade game from before 1983 and update it.  Our final prototype controls can only be one directional control (arrow keys) and one button.  My team pretty quickly agreed on Qix.  There were a few members of my team who wanted to do use the game Burger Time, but they didn’t seem upset that we went with Qix.  We have a lot of ideas of things we can do to put our spin on this game, but we’re starting with making the base game first.  The engineers are taking a few days to familiarize themselves with HTML5.  Our artists are working on concept art and possible updates.  Our amazing artist, Will, made a quick mockup.  Our producer also created some concept art.


concept_art_1 mockup_1





Team Plastic Squad has finished our first prototype!  We added in some polish after the soft pitch.  I think that adding the snowball and “Poof” assets really make an impact.  It feels a lot funner to see your opponent’s pieces get run over now.  Overall, I’m really proud of how this project went.



Frozen Shuffle is a local multiplayer game of slippery snowmen.  Two players compete to either deliver 8 of their snowmen to safety, or destroy 5 of their opponent’s snowmen.  Currently, the only way to destroy a piece is by pushing it in front of a rolling snowball hazard.  If we were to continue developing this game I would like to add other hazards.  I would also like to add special abilities to certain pieces, like a medic that is capable of reviving downed pieces.


The team hasn’t decided to pursue this game further together.  However, we’ve all agreed that this is open to any teammate who wants to continue development.  When I get a chance, I would like to take the time to port our game to android.  I always felt that this game would be the most fun played on a mobile device while waiting at a restaurant or movie theatre.  I think my husband and I would have fun playing this on our android tablet.

Last week we formed groups and started working on a game prototype.  Bob and Roger gave us a dollar store toy as inspiration for a video game.  We were given army men.

Army Men


My team completely misunderstood the point of the toy.   We tried to create an army-men themed game instead of examining what’s fun about army men.  Our presentation on Thursday was awful.  Our team talked for hours and couldn’t agree on a  game concept.


Luckily, I had plans to hang out with Kyle (from Cohort 4) this weekend.  He had some really great suggestions for our game.  I pulled out my copy of Knights of Crylail and started prototyping.  I kept my poor husband up all Saturday night making him play with me.  I added a turn-based multiplayer game mechanic.  We also changed the movement from pick-up-and-move to a more billiards/shuffleboard inspired slingshot movement.  The blue markings on the paper-wall represent the goals.  The pink sharpie was our hazard warning and we used a beach ball as the hazard.  It took quite a few rule changes to get something we enjoyed playing, but in the end I think the analog prototype is pretty cool.