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Great news, our team agrees on a concept!  We showed the analog prototype to Bob and Roger and they loved it.  We’re starting off by directly making the analog version of the game into a video game.  Once we have the analog game mechanics programmed in we have tons of ideas on new things we could add in.

It feels a bit like we wasted an entire week.  I know it wasn’t really wasted, though.  All of the ideas we talked about the first week influenced the analog prototype.  Now that we have the analog version to play, we’re all confident our video game will actually be fun.  Personally, I’m also feeling way more motivated to work on the game now.  I think at the end of development it will feel like this time was used well.  Right now, though I am freaking out a little bit about only have 3 weeks left in the project.  I’d feel better if we all had a lot of time, but I know we are all swamped with homework already.

I think the hardest things to get done will be programming the physics.  Jon and Harrison are really fast programmers so I have faith we’ll get something done.

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