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The evolution of Bat-Sim (still no official name as of yet).  So our game is slowly coming together, we have finished the movement controller for our main player, along with a simple spider movement as well.  As far as game physics and detecting collisions I had to do some research.  MonoGame (XNA) only has a built in method for detecting if two rectangles are overlapping which is useful but not a true collision detecting system.  I looked into porting a physics engines such as Bullet and Farseer, but with our simple game these both are a bit overkill, also this would require recoding our projects to fit “their” structure, along with understand how to use those engines as well.  Which means more time wasted.  So instead I thought it would be easier to write my own.  It is very simple but works well on platforms and walls which is what we need (we don’t need it on enemies since it is one hit kill, and that is accomplished with the rectangle intersect method provided by MonoGame).  We basically have this week of work to finish the game, and one week to polish it for presentation.  There is still so much to do, as of yet we don’t have a level design, nor all the art needed in the game, nor a fundamental idea how to switch out animation frames for our characters as of yet.  I am hoping by the end of this week I will be able to report good news and have our game close to completion.

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