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Project 1 is finished.  The presentation went really well, or so I was told since I couldn’t be here for it.  Seems my team did a really good job finishing what had to be done. Just today was I able to play the finished version and its looks, feels, and plays way better then how I left it.  Time to  move on.







Project 2 starts today.  This project will be even tighter since we lose a week worth of work, and a product needs to be done in 3 weeks.  The theme, to base a game off an arcade game from 1983 or earlier which only input is a joystick and one (yes one!) button.  The platform, HTML5 or Flash.  Also, we get new teams.

I met with my new team, and discussed way to long on the game we are doing.  We finally settled on Fighting Roller, a rare game that plays a bit like road rash on roller blades.  The engineers also decided to use Construct 2 as our game engine since the lead programmer has used it before.  With that, we are off again.  Part one, understanding how Construct works and getting something close to Fighting Roller working.  From there, the sky is the limit.

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