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Last week!

Today we soft pitched our game.  It didn’t go very well, but went as expected.  From our pitch and the response from the crowd we need to hype up the mechanics that we have in our game, and not care about the things that didn’t make it in.  We need to highlight the parts that make our game different, like our limited flap movements, and zooming out to see the map, also we are cutting the terrible, terrible sounds.

Our game is still missing a lot of things to give it that “polished finish”.  We have until Thursday to fix up/improve on what we got and show them what Bat-Sim is all about (working title).  This week i am putting in extra time getting the must have features/improvements into the game.  I have added a win state (we still need art for the fruit), along with adjusting speed for all animations (looking at you acid pool), put the texture on the main walls, and fixed a twitching bug we had with the zoom function.  We still need to get all the art in by Wednesday else our producer wont be able to update the game play footage, and what we have right now is sub-par.  Things i have learned from this project; look into level editors and physic engines first.

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