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Project 1 is finished.  The presentation went really well, or so I was told since I couldn’t be here for it.  Seems my team did a really good job finishing what had to be done. Just today was I able to play the finished version and its looks, feels, and plays way better then how I […]


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Last week! Today we soft pitched our game.  It didn’t go very well, but went as expected.  From our pitch and the response from the crowd we need to hype up the mechanics that we have in our game, and not care about the things that didn’t make it in.  We need to highlight the […]


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The evolution of Bat-Sim (still no official name as of yet).  So our game is slowly coming together, we have finished the movement controller for our main player, along with a simple spider movement as well.  As far as game physics and detecting collisions I had to do some research.  MonoGame (XNA) only has a […]