FOV and Animation in FPS

I read through this article and found a lot of interesting topics related to FPS game design. Animation is a big element of gameplay that can contribute to motion sickness but you want to have some animation to give the players weight and combat that ‘floating’ animation feeling.

While this is true for games with normal FOV’s we run into some issues with our camera. Wide angle lenses minimize subtle motion in a camera. This is why gopro videos are watchable even when the camera is flipping all over the place.

Our problem with a 360 degree camera is that it is the widest camera angle you can possibly have without duplicating information (you can do 720 or 1080 camera for instance where the world is repeated multiple times).  So subtle motion like head bobs have to be dramatically increased to be visible. This is something we need to experiment with.

Another big topic in the article is character animation for the camera. Because you can see 360 degrees in our gameyou also see ALL of your character at ALL times. This is a huge problem because you have an ugly distorted mess right in front of your camera that actually blocks your view. To combat this we have removed the mesh renderer on the player model so you can see your shadow but not your character mesh.  Unfortunately this means we have no visible character animation at all.

Can we bring back this animation feedback through 2d UI elements? Or switching shaders? Would a 3rd person camera toggle benefit the weight of the character? More things to look at.

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