Animation system dropped in

We are using mixamo to rig our characters which is pretty fun because we can drag and drop animation systems into unity and they already work. We still don’t have our character movement speed locked down but when we have a lock down for our controller I will go through and tweak the animations to fit.

John also dropped in FinalIK (an amazing inverse kinematics unity plugin) and it just seems to work! We played with it for a little bit and the character now procedurally blends to aim the gun at the on screen target and automatically places its feet on the surface. It even works with the detached camera though it gets a little funny when crossing over directly behind the character.   We got it working on the local player last night and after a bit of fiddling it turns out the animations will pass over our network with just a little tweaking. This gives us quite a bit of juice for free. We will definitely be looking to exploit more of the FinalIK system in the future.


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