Prototype 3 of 4: Eye tracking

We are to our third prototyping team, and this time I am working with some people I’ve been talking to around the department. The focus this time is ‘serious games’. Initially we were looking into doing an eye surgery visualizer that doctors could use with patients. We’ve put that on the back burner and will probably work on it outside of class.

I brought in my eye-tracker for Ahmad (our uber unity engineer) to play with. I got an email a couple hours later informing me that we would be using eye tracking for the game because it was the coolest thing ever. So that’s what we are playing with now. It’s pretty exciting because there are a few little game projects I’d like to put together with the eye tracker.

Prototype 3 of 4: Eye so Serious

For this serious game round we are looking at doing something with eyes. Eric tracked down a really cool idea of working with optomitrists so they can show their surgeries and procedures using some cutting edge tech. Eric has worked in medical visualization for a while now and this would be right up our alley.

I grabbed some models for the pitch and Eric put together some animations. The audience went crazy though when they saw a demonstration of a surgery mostly because in eye surgery they stick instruments in your eye. We are pow wowing today to figure out which direction to go.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.20.50 PM

Entropy Final

Wrapping up Entropy (Formerly Missile Command formerly team Tron project).

The art style is pretty fun. In our final meeting we moved a little bit towards a design meeting (my fault) in trying to figure out if our iterations on John’s initial prototype had actually enhanced the game and made it more fun. I think we definitely made it pretty and added some very cool mechanics. For me the fundamental experience of the 360 missile command has a competing mechanic from rotating the planet. This really has me thinking about competing mechanics in games because both of these are good mechanics, the question is how to make them play better together.

Our producer Paul also put up a final play through video on his youtubes channel.