Prototype 2 of 4: Start of Team Tron (actually team missile command)

Time for the next rapid prototyping project. Our new assignment is to modify a pre-1983 arcade game with new rules that will change the game play. We also are limited to a single controller with one button. We started with the idea of doing a revamped tron racing game, but were informed that 2 player games don’t get played much and I definitely understand that. We came up with a really fun take on asteroid that the whole team was excited about, but asteroid doesn’t meet the assignment parameters because it has thrust AND shoot. So we moved onto missile command. We’ve got some fun ideas for this one too. Right now we are rethinking the idea of top down missiles and thinking about a small planet trying to defend itself from all angles.

Game Design Presentation Video

The presentation Eric, Ron, Avinash and I put together for our topic of education in games.  I left this presentation with a different point of view on games because some of the games that are the ‘worst’ for people (especially action video games) have more beneficial side effects than school or even sports. It has really made me curious how a game could be designed using this material .

Prototype 1 of 4: Mean Peace

Today was the final pitch for the prototype projects. Nick’s pitch of Mean Peace went great. The game has changed so much since we started it with the concept of a papers please style Einstein’s puzzle. It changed dramatically in the last 2 days. Ryan and Russel did a great job of bringing out the asymmetric aspects of the game by making one team evade and the other shoot. We talked it over in our wrap meeting and think it could make a really interesting political game that could get a lot of heat.