Video Production

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. We are preparing for the Gold All-Hands then the Thesis Presentation next week. Plus building the necessary requirements that Desura needs for our them to post our game to their website.

One suggestion that you mention was a “How To” Video. I created a video that we inserted into the game that teaches the player how to play. The video shows how to turn, the importance of shooting and how to destroy tiles. This should help with people not understanding how to play our game.

For the Thesis and Gold All-Hands we wanted to create some videos that showcased our game and the evolution of it. In the History video I went back in the archive to find builds that we have forgotten about. One thing I noticed when going through videos of our old builds were that we have always kept indirect damage and tile destruction in our iterations. You can watch the History of HT video here:

Our game needed a new trailer now that it had reached Golden Master. I decided create a whole new trailer while still using elements from the old ones. I recorded the turrets rolling into the tube trying to find each other. I wanted to tell a story of how the turrets found each other and just started to battle. You can watch the new trailer here:

These videos couldn’t have been made without the help of Skip or Sam. They helped build a camera mode that made it easier to record footage of different sides and with or without the other player. It was quite helpful for screenshots and building press kits.