Tech Theme

Today we answer one of questions from last week.

“Why is the demon still in there?”

Well, we are changing that today. After much thought and collaboration we have settled with our last theme change. We will be setting our game in a tech environment. You are a hacker that is trying to eliminate the other player by capturing tiles and destroying their connection to the internet.

The new theme idea comes from the DDoS Attack of the Xbox Live and PlayStation Online services during Christmas Day. We felt that it was very topical and fun to talk about. We have some great first initial concept designs. I was able to use my knowledge of the Internet and different I.T. terminology to name our different characters and apply the new theme to already working pieces. We talked about how DDoS Attacks happen,  how they are caused and what we need to use to explain it effectively. Our tiles in our game are nodes in the network while our tube is the CAT-6 cable representing the internet.

We dropped this bomb during the all hands meeting. The professors were concerned but they saw our determination to have a theme that matched what we wanted to do in our game. After that initial shock, a bunch of people told us how much they liked the new idea.