StepPets!!!  Today I will talk about my game that has gone through a bunch of change and iteration with just 4 people on the team.

We have an excellent team of

  • Binoy – Engineer
  • Tim – CEO/Business
  • Ellie – Artist
  • Myself – Producer/Designer

We meet each Sunday to talk about the game and what we have done on it the past week. On those days sometimes we get Random Breakfast to increase our creativity and team cohesiveness.

The current build of our game centers around having the walk and doing just a little bit more. When they walk a level is generated based on how much they walked that day. The platforms are populated with nothing, treats or obstacles depending on their personal fitness level. We have received a lot of traction on the idea.

In the last few weeks we have entered into some competitions and have been asked to present our idea. First was Games4Health, we created a video describing the issues the user was facing and how we were going to make it fun. We placed 2nd in Playable Health Apps competition. The 2nd was Bench2Bedside, we created a poster similar to a research poster and display our game to hundreds of people. We received the Media Reward and gained some interest from Zion’s Bank.

We are excited were things will go during the summer. We will be releasing our game to the iOS and Android Stores at the end of August. If you would like more information please check out website at and please like our Facebook Page at