GDC was a blast! We got a ton of feedback. A lot of people really enjoyed playing the game. There were some problems with the camera still but that has effected us since the start. We are slowly getting there. Enough of that, that is a post on it’s own.

I was excited to attend some of the sessions this year. Last year I only got an Expo pass so no sessions for me. I went to some great sessions about how to be a producer, what it is like to manage a team, learning how to design, and a talk about Crossy Road. Being in the producer classes were interesting. After being in the program for almost 2 years, what they were talking about were the same experiences that I had. I wish I took that session last year and maybe I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. The mistakes were a great way to learn and to remember it. One thing that they talked about was process. How process never dies it is changed on how it is implemented. You have to flow with your team and fix the implementation of it when it does break and it will.

The Crossy Road’s talk was my favorite talk of GDC. I almost didn’t make it since it went to the wrong hall for it. You can read the notes that I took below.

Free to play Summit

Crossy Road
One touch game
Proceedory generated
Having equal stake in the game
Valuing everyone’s opinions
Crafting addictive game feel
Procedural generation
Difficulty curves
Session length
The coins are the addictive part. People just want to pick them up.
Tapping most of the time and swiping when needed.
User acquisition
Re engagement
Having different character is a catch.
The end should be delightful and a surprise.
Death in crossy road is fun.
The end screen banners are important. If you showed the same things every time the. They would ignore it. Using randomization is key to keep people reading the end screen.
Disco zoo for opt in advertising works.
Having special characters that they can randomly get or achieve in one way.
No coin packs
Not pay to win
Giving away to many characters. People would wait to get their character later.
Paralysis of choice and salami sales tactics
How do you try the character and then want to buy it.
 It’s important to launch at the right time for our market.
Designed to be easy to update.
Telling people to follow them after they played their character.
Unique characters get more downloads.
100% organic no money spend on UA.
No interstitial ads
Retention is the most important thing
Gave away nearly everything away but people would loved it.
Every character plays the same
No save me button it’s pure skill. If you die then you die.
No energy system. You shouldn’t fill your players up with cake but if the cake tastes this good
A small team can do it. They had 3 people working on the game.