Final EAE Day

The last EAE day has come and gone. It’s funny that we have done 4 of them already. It feels like yesterday we were helping the C3’s prompt their games. I’m glad that it is our turn to be the front and center games.

We had so many people play our game at EAE day. People would spend 20-30 minutes playing our game. That is a lot considering that rounds last around 2-3 minutes. People really liked playing this new version of the game. I think that we found something that people really like to play and have fun with.

Wildworks told us that our game was the best game at EAE Day. JP a Disney Engineer, really liked our game as well. He wants to tell his friends all about it. He was our biggest critic only a few months ago at EAE day.

It is really cool to hear all the positive feedback for the game. I’m happy that people liked to play it. EAE Day last semester was hard to hear all the issues with the game that we already knew about but haven’t had the time to really fix it. I was happy that I could show my parents and my friend Val the game. This time I didn’t have apologies for the gameplay or explain why something was broken.

I also got to show StepPets. It was also well received by many people.