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Over and Out

This is the last blog. I know, I’m sad too. It has been a great experience. I will miss everyone in the program and hope that I will see them again soon.

If you have any questions for me or would like to talk about my experiences. Feel free to  contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

This is Topher signing off.


-Christopher Nadauld

Lead Producer, Hostile Territory

Thesis Defense

WE DID IT! We completed our Thesis and got Pinned. It is a good feeling to be done. The presentation went well. There was a lot of time but into the presentation by everyone on the team. I’m excited to sleep after not sleeping most of this week. I have enjoyed my time in the program. There were times when it was really hard and I didn’t know what I was going to do but there were also really great time and good friends. If you want to check out our Thesis Presentation it is at the link below.

Final EAE Day

The last EAE day has come and gone. It’s funny that we have done 4 of them already. It feels like yesterday we were helping the C3’s prompt their games. I’m glad that it is our turn to be the front and center games.

We had so many people play our game at EAE day. People would spend 20-30 minutes playing our game. That is a lot considering that rounds last around 2-3 minutes. People really liked playing this new version of the game. I think that we found something that people really like to play and have fun with.

Wildworks told us that our game was the best game at EAE Day. JP a Disney Engineer, really liked our game as well. He wants to tell his friends all about it. He was our biggest critic only a few months ago at EAE day.

It is really cool to hear all the positive feedback for the game. I’m happy that people liked to play it. EAE Day last semester was hard to hear all the issues with the game that we already knew about but haven’t had the time to really fix it. I was happy that I could show my parents and my friend Val the game. This time I didn’t have apologies for the gameplay or explain why something was broken.

I also got to show StepPets. It was also well received by many people.

Video Production

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. We are preparing for the Gold All-Hands then the Thesis Presentation next week. Plus building the necessary requirements that Desura needs for our them to post our game to their website.

One suggestion that you mention was a “How To” Video. I created a video that we inserted into the game that teaches the player how to play. The video shows how to turn, the importance of shooting and how to destroy tiles. This should help with people not understanding how to play our game.

For the Thesis and Gold All-Hands we wanted to create some videos that showcased our game and the evolution of it. In the History video I went back in the archive to find builds that we have forgotten about. One thing I noticed when going through videos of our old builds were that we have always kept indirect damage and tile destruction in our iterations. You can watch the History of HT video here:

Our game needed a new trailer now that it had reached Golden Master. I decided create a whole new trailer while still using elements from the old ones. I recorded the turrets rolling into the tube trying to find each other. I wanted to tell a story of how the turrets found each other and just started to battle. You can watch the new trailer here:

These videos couldn’t have been made without the help of Skip or Sam. They helped build a camera mode that made it easier to record footage of different sides and with or without the other player. It was quite helpful for screenshots and building press kits.

Character, Camera and Controller

Today’s blog will focus on another question from a few posts ago.

“What to do about the Camera”

The camera is a tricky thing. It is connected to many parts of the game. After switching the character out for our tech theme the camera became broken again. We asked ourselves why does this happen every time we change something related with the character.

The reason is that we forgot to consider the 3C’s. Character, Camera and the Controller. When you make a change to either of those 3C’s it could completely change the any of the other ones. They are completely linked together for better or worse.

Knowing this we went back to the drawing board. We needed to figure out how to fix the camera while keeping the same controller layout and changing the character to different tech themed characters. We talked about all different types of cameras, how they worked, felt, how they expressed what needs to be done in the level and many other things. We were having a messaging problem in how to use the camera and claim territory.

To fix our messaging problem we replaced the character with a new character that allowed to see more of the tube. The new turret like character had a laser coming out of the barrel. The laser lit up the square and when you shot a projectile it will capture that square. The character wasn’t the only thing that we switched. We refined the camera to be more smooth and fixed. Having a fixed camera worked so much better then the clipping camera we had before. We fixed the environment to be transparent if the camera collided with the side. This added to our tech theme greatly.

After a year and a half we finally had a fun working camera. It was a long hard road but we did it. The 3C’s are not to be taken lightly. You must consider how each part effects the other.


StepPets!!!  Today I will talk about my game that has gone through a bunch of change and iteration with just 4 people on the team.

We have an excellent team of

  • Binoy – Engineer
  • Tim – CEO/Business
  • Ellie – Artist
  • Myself – Producer/Designer

We meet each Sunday to talk about the game and what we have done on it the past week. On those days sometimes we get Random Breakfast to increase our creativity and team cohesiveness.

The current build of our game centers around having the walk and doing just a little bit more. When they walk a level is generated based on how much they walked that day. The platforms are populated with nothing, treats or obstacles depending on their personal fitness level. We have received a lot of traction on the idea.

In the last few weeks we have entered into some competitions and have been asked to present our idea. First was Games4Health, we created a video describing the issues the user was facing and how we were going to make it fun. We placed 2nd in Playable Health Apps competition. The 2nd was Bench2Bedside, we created a poster similar to a research poster and display our game to hundreds of people. We received the Media Reward and gained some interest from Zion’s Bank.

We are excited were things will go during the summer. We will be releasing our game to the iOS and Android Stores at the end of August. If you would like more information please check out website at and please like our Facebook Page at