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Check Check

Oh great I’m still alive. This past week has been a crazy one! The producers created pong using glue and visual studio in producer coding class. It was pretty cool to see it go back and forth.

We had to take the 100 games ideas from last week and go to 5. Yes, 5 out over the 100. There was much discussion on what ideas were the best and what ones didn’t do so well. The team came in during the weekend to talk about the different ideas we had. In all we filled 4 whiteboards with different ideas that we came up.

Ideas IdeasWe did a vote of who was everyones favorite. We got it down to 25 that we could show the few that missed our meeting. We had some pretty strong ideas.

25 IdeasWe presented the 25 ideas to the group and added a new extra in.

30 IdeasOur list of ideas that we have votes for.

1523535_10152204880848223_676648026_oNarrowing it down to the top 15 games.

1602071_10152204881043223_2114995637_oDown to the final 5!



And we are back!

I know, the title is cliche but I had to do it. Just like the start of the first semester we were toss right back into the fire. I found it interesting that we got to pick our teams within the first 2 hours of class. It was interesting to see everyone with there devices out and Facebook chatting, texting and even some winking. There was a bit of a mad dash afterward to talk to people that didn’t have a device out to go talk to them about being on our team. I was fortunate that Allen wanted to work together again so we set off talking about different people that would be great for our team. We were able to find some awesome people and lost out on a few. When the dust settled, I saw the team of 13 and I was very happy with it. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. I like everyone that joined us. It feels good when an engineer and artist comes up to you and say that they want to be on your team.

Our team “Awesome Sauce” (Since we don’t have an official name yet) were tasked with coming up with a IGF winner. It’s no small task to be considered IGF worthy. It’s going to take some time and a lot of effort to get there.

The first thing that we did was look at the previous year winners. We created a short presentation for them and looked at why they were so successful. If we can look at these games and figure out what makes them unique then we can integrate that into our game ideas. The class was able to come up with a word cloud of what each of us though about the different games for the last year. The top 3 words that came up were:

  1. Simple
  2. Colorful
  3. Unique/Interesting

Our team got back together after the presentations and started doing some brainstorming using a few techniques that Jose had us do. First we threw out ideas and once that started to get a little bit hard we played make a game around a word. The word was given by the player that created that last game.

Game Word IMG_1886The team decided to come up with some ideas using the brainstorm boards we created today and the IGF word cloud for the next week.