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Self Evaluation

In the last 12 weeks or so, I have changed my mindset about the way that I work in school. One big change was that I went to the teachers for help when I needed it. Having their expertise and insight was a crucial part of my success this semester. I have never worked so far to keep up with my fellow producers when my 2nd producer dropped out of the program. It set the bar for me to match at each new prototype. I think that I have met that goal. I have improved my presentation skills. I don’t get too nervous anymore when I’m about to present compared to when I froze up. I think a key is having my iPad so that I could refer to it when I forget a little thing. Something for myself to work on is not having the death grib on the iPad but I’m glad that I can actually thing rationally when presenting instead of being in fight or flight mode. During each prototype I changed how I would handle that prototype. By the 4th one I was able to grab the best parts of the other 3 and correct accordingly. I also took into account all the things that didn’t work as well and iterated to be a better producer. One thing I could change is be more vocal and less passive. I really tired to be less passive in the last prototype and I think it shows in overall project.

There were some late nights and some hard times but I have learned from them to be a better presenter, one sheet designer and producer. I can honestly say what a producer does. I had a vague understanding before I started. A producer most be able to switch gears at a moments notice to put out a fire, answer a design question or get snacks for hungry engineers.

Prototype 4: Lazy Bug

Start ScreenLarry is hungry but he is too lazy to do anything about it. Help Larry the Lazy Bug gather food by riding on a water droplet though a continuous world. Beware of objects that will pop your droplet into multiple bubbles. The faster you go the harder the collision and the more bubbles it will break into. You must recollect as many bubbles as you can to continue adventuring.

ladybug            In this prototype we were fast at building up our team of the best people. I was able to be with Allen and found some great engineers! I was able to grab Peijun before anyone else was to be one of the few teams with 3 engineers.  For the start we had a great cohesive group where we were coming up with ideas with the design box. I brought up Tiny Wings and how simple it looks and easy to play. We decided to go around those lines. We were able to come up with Buggle our first idea iteration before the end of class after a 3 hour presentation about Windows 8. After several different iterations of our idea we were able to come up with Lazy Bug. Our engineers go to working on the prototype and had the first playable the following Tuesday. We were able to have a bunch of iterations by the time we submitted to the store. Allen and I looked through different apps that were close to our prototype. We worked on molding our description to be like theirs. I helped with this process by breaking out different parts we liked so that we could get the best idea out there. We most have reconfigured the description several different times. I created the one sheet and since we already worked so hard on the description and features. We were able to place in that information with some art to make a winning one. With the presentation we did the same technique expect expanded it out to be simple slides in our presentation. Using what I learned one the last game, I set some goals that to hit. We really wanted to do some play testing and having a polished build for the prototype. We got treats for the team for working hard on a Saturday and Monday. Our team responded and we were able to have a play tested game and a polished build. We had great communication and bonded well. After we submitted our game I helped several different teams with submitting their projects to the store. I figured out what was causing most of the projects to fail during the upload process. Having spaces in your name causes the app manifest not to be read by the uploader website. Once I changed that it uploaded successfully.

1488249_10152133370901617_39940355_n            Some things we could have done better were being more focused on the core mechanic. We were working on 3 different features at one time. We were able to combine them all by the end of the 2nd week but it would have been nice toa solid foundation first. We keep on changing our name depending on how we felt that day. We finally settled on one. It is kind of hard to pick a short name for a bug rolling character.