The End – A Thank You

This is it. The end of the road for grad school. What a wonderful, difficult, worthwhile, and fulfilling journey.

This past week, as a team, we defended our thesis before the EAE faculty. We passed – effectively writing the final entry in the EAE chapters of our lives.

The EAE program has been absolutely wonderful. It has taught me not only the essentials for my future career, but has also taught me how to be an all around better person. I walk away with friends and colleagues whom I would have never would have met without the program.

In my very first blog post, I said,

“It’s going to be a wild ride and I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

It truly was, and I’m blessed to have been here with these wonderful classmates.

While an attempt to look back and distill everything I’ve learned into a single post would be nearly impossible, I simply want to say one thing as I close this chapter in my life:


Thank you. 


Thank you to all of my classmates, friends, family, and faculty who have supported and push me through the most difficult times. Graduate school was something I had always felt would be part of my life, and I’m so glad I fulfilled this promise to myself and my future family, but I simply would not have been able to do it without the incredible support of these amazing people.

The secret to all of this? I was simply given the opportunity to surround myself with those who are some of the brightest and most motivated people I have ever known, and they have made all the difference.