Post IGF…


Well, we hit our IGF submission deadline and that was great! We made it in by the skin of our teeth.

That being said, we worked so hard to make it that immediately afterwards the team crashed… Paul and I dropped the ball and didn’t really think about our plan of attack post IGF. It’s really come to bite us in the butt. We go from a million miles an hour to almost a complete stop and that literally kills any and all of our team momentum.

Job-BurnoutSo, the lesson here for producers is to try to be a couple steps ahead of you current schedule. You may be thinking, “well duh.” But it’s so easy to see these big dead lines and think to yourself that it’s the only thing that matters. That once you hit that it’ll be clear sailing from there. NOPE. That is a solid way to deceive yourself. The problem is that it’s just so easy to do so. What ends up happening is if you start to mention something that will come after the deadline, in our case IGF, everyone, including yourself, will tell you to stop worrying about it and that you’ll deal with it later. So you push it off until you hit your deadline. YAY! But then you realize you have no idea what to do next and it takes a week or two to ramp back up to meaningful work.

So right now I’m going to be thinking about that. Our next big mile stone is GDC. To have a nearly finished build by GDC to those of us that end up going will have something great to show with confidence to people. But then after that we have to publish and we better have our campaign up and running by then.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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