Plan of attack!

Going into next semester we better hit the ground running. We know what we need to get done and now we just need to do it.plan-of-attack-marketing-300x240

I’ve learned that this semester. That if you expect something to be done, 98% of the time YOU are the one that is going to have to do it. You can’t really rely on anyone else to do it. You may claim that was very naive of me to think that way but hear me out. For me what it has been is I have put in a lot of work, hoping that it’ll be noticed or that someone will see and want to jump in and help out. NO. That does not happen. That’s why I had to jump into the code, despite my engineers wishes to get some things done. We are here to act and not be acted upon.

plan-of-attackSo moving forward here’s the game plan. Each week when we have a build up and ready, everyone on the team is going to play it so they know the current state of the game. Many times people assumed their stuff was in and that it was working when it wasn’t. Or that even though their stuff isn’t quite in it’s not that big of a deal, when in reality it’s kinda a big deal that enemy health bars aren’t in… 😉

I am going to take it upon myself to stress the importance of polish for our game. Our engineers really want to add new things. All. The. Time… and that needs to stop because we’re past the point of adding any significant changes. I’m going to try and paint a picture of what we can realistically accomplish next semester and stress our priorities of polishing our game. I want all the particles! I want better sound effects, visual flourishes, more dynamic music, solid consistency/stability, basic player expectations met. These are the things that we need to focus on in order to get good press and to have people want to actually play our game when no ones looking.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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