Ochre Production

Are game is finally starting to take shape! Check out the trailer below.

The past few weeks have been a rush. We as a team figured out what we wanted to show at the EAE fest and we got there. EAE fest was a big deal because it was there that we were either going to prove or disprove the whole idea of the camera and whether or not it was worth pursuing.

I am pleased to announce that we were able to miraculously get a prime location for showing our game and we were able to get A LOT of people to try our game. That was a God send because we needed to hear genuine feedback for our game. In general the feedback was, hey this is kinda cool, a little hard to control but it isn’t bad. People liked the art style and seemed to get what we were going for.

For the whole team this was good to hear and to get validation on all the work we’ve been putting into the game. Are things perfect? No. BUT we have a direction and it renewed a lot of team spirit to work on the game. ¬†Everyone now sees that we have to use the camera, because without it we’re nothing.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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