Maui and Me

Time to get a little personal.

So with this “new” game that my team is creating I’ve found that when it comes to game development you really need to have a sense of ownership. I’m struggling with that. The game has changed so much that I seem to just be an innocent bystander. It’s an odd feeling. So, in order to really help my team, I need to take ownership. I do a good job of sharing my opinions which is important on any team. We’ve all had the team mates, friends, or family  member that you ask them anything and they reply with a, “don’t care…” Which is a LIE!! I digress. My potential career is all wrapped up in this game, and I need to take it seriously. If not I will be wasting my time here in the EAE program. You get out what you put in right?

Video-GamesThe next personal development hurdle I face is, how can I be an effective producer for my team? Where are we lacking, what can I take upon myself? What problems aren’t being addressed or thought about? These things are easier said than done that’s for sure. I can easily identify things that haven’t been done or need to be done, but that either I or my team don’t have the necessary skills or resources to do. And then the dreaded analysis paralysis sets in. I find myself sitting there worrying about everything and nothing all at the same time. Is this the life a producer? I sure hope not.

Which comes down to my potential solution. It’s all about an attitude adjustment. Let’s think about it for just one second shall we? We’re making games! Video games! The things we all love. I get to focus my efforts on creating something new, an experience that somebody and sit and enjoy. I’m in the entertainment business, I’m here to make some else’s life happier. How awesome is that?! I need to keep that in mind when I find my self wallowing in my own self pity. I’m living the dream. Not everyone gets to do what I’m doing. 🙂 It’s amazing how a simple attitude adjustment can solve so many problems.

Maui is just as much my project as anybody else’s on the team. My name is going to be on this, so I must do as much as I can to make it as good as possible. For my sake and for my team’s sake, they deserve it WAY  more than I do. The simple logistics producer.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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