EAE Night

Here we go again!

This was kinda sprung on us, though in the programs defense, we TOTALLY should have seen it coming. That being said, we had to scramble to get a decent build ready for it.

Here was a problem that we suffered. We have yet to have a stable build post IGF that we could use to update the game… Let that sink in. We done goofed. Instead of adding on top of what we Maui-Dec 2015have, we ripped things apart in attempts to have better code. Yes, we’re making progress but at a severe cost of updates. Our code is better and more manageable, but our game is always in a state of perpetual unsteadiness. Hind sight being 20/20, shouldn’t have done that. But it’s too late now. But here’s a catch 22 that I find happening. We have to somehow strike this balance between engineering something that is easy, but not best for our game and something that is hard/time consuming but not the best for the game. Somethings NEED to be done right, and others not so much. But figuring out what makes the cut and what doesn’t is extremely difficult to determine. Sometimes, things that seem super difficult actually turn out to be super easy and unfortunately the vise versa is also true.

The big accomplishment here is that fact that we have a game plan for our entire game! By that I mean, we have defined a beginning middle and end. We know exactly what we have to get done going into next semester. So it’s up to Paul and I to try and road map out the last semester of our game. If we’re going to make it and publish it the whole team needs to know where we’re headed and that falls on mine and Paul’s shoulders.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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