Grad School Games Ep. 2 – Corrinne Lewis!

Corrinne Lewis

Joining us this week is Corrinne Lewis, program director of the EAE!

(Sorry for the less than the ideal quality audio, we’re still working out the hiccups)

We get to know her and her passion for narrative in games as well as the history of both the undergraduate and graduate programs and what each has to offer and where our current alumni are working in the industry. 🙂

Found out what is our favorite thing and our least favorite thing about the EAE, what makes Corrinne most proud of the program and some pro-tips for you engineer types out there.

Grad School Games Episode 1!

GSG-vitesseHere it is! Our fist episode of our brand new podcast Grad School Games! In this our initial episode you get to know us your hosts; Ben Driggs, Erik Willis and Tina Kalinger.

We discuss how we got into the EAE program here at the University of Utah as producers and programmers. It’s a short episode to set the stage for what is to come. The show is family friendly and meant to be informative with a goal to help all those who want to get into the program or into the industry.

Join us next time! We interview Corrinne Lewis (Program Director) to discuss both the undergrad and grad the program in great detail.