We made it!

runner-crossing-finish-line1We made it! Skaska, in the 11th hour crossed the pitch finish line and was actually pretty good.  Though literally it wasn’t ready to pitch until 20 minutes after it was due. 🙂

The goal of the game was to have a good game to showcase at EAE night, which was last night by the way and though I was manning the door most of the evening I hear though my team that our game showed very very well. The kids loved it and it was just a hoot to play. Fox 13 news came out and a very brief clip of it was seen in the news story that they ran. So, needless to say we achieved our goal which makes me very happy. Check it out at the end of the teaser segment here.

But let me share with you some of our struggles. The two of us producers work on a very different schedule than the engineers on the team. We’d come in in the mornings and they’d come in in the evenings. Which, in the long run isn’t good, in fact that’s bad. A number of times things would change, decisions would be made and we were caught of guard. Which fortunately it was never anything drastic. But in larger teams that could be really bad actually. So my take away from this was, I, as a producer, need to sacrifice my own personal work schedule to more align with those of my team. It seems pretty obvious right? But it’s not intuitive. Most times we want to set our schedules, come in, do our work, and go home. But as a producer my job is so team focused that you don’t really know what to do until I’m working WITH my team. And that needs to happen on their time table, not mine.

Lesson learned.





Unreal Thanksgiving…

Turkey - Super Mario Bros-620xSo this past little while for our game has been.. let us say, challenging. Unreal Engine 4 has proven to be slightly more complicated than initially thought. So going into thanksgiving break we still didn’t have a playable build of the game.

Let this be a lesson for you, GET PLAYABLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Okay? 🙂

Because when you’re not at a playable state many things are still open ended and lacking vision/direction which causes a problem with development. People are afraid to take initiative when it comes to the game and then either nothing really happens or not enough happens.

People, it’s okay to take risk. 🙂

Now this isn’t to say that I was expecting something amazing over thanksgiving. On the contrary, I wanted to be in a good state before we left for break, fully expecting nothing really to be done over thanksgiving. Anyway, upon coming back we got our butts back in gear and have scrambled to get things working. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish line but I think we’ll barely make it.

The Mother Country

This time around when time came to pick a game idea I had my arsenal ready. I was dreading it a little bit because they gave us complete freedom to do what we wanted. But fortunately all of us on the team were level headed and objective and we were quickly able to decided that we would like to do some kind of two player brawler.

Now, in this group there are two of us producers and I need to learn how to work with that. Greg Bayles is a great guy and he really knows his stuff and I just need to pull my weight as well. I’ve decided to push only one real thing with this game. We have 4 engineers, which means we have the man power to put one on the juice factor of this prototype, aka, sound will not take a back seat. It will add soooo much if we get it right and that’s all I want.

Pasted image at 2014_11_20 12_35 PMSo after the first week and initial pitch and subsequent redesign we have settled on dueling Russian folklore  witches. Hehehe… It’s kinda funny actually. And if our artists latch onto this we’ve got something neat.

And the only way that I know that I can really help is to have the sense of urgency that is spoken of. Because with Thanksgiving in the middle of this prototype we really don’t have that much time. It all comes down to faith. 🙂

Last the best of the game!

Prototype 4!

Boom! Here we go, the final stretch. It’s been a long time coming I guess. It’s kinda fun to look back at my different groups and see what worked and what hasn’t. I actually really like the way this class is run.

Except one thing…

For this final group, the dreaded decision was made to let us pick our own teams. I was worried about this because I feel that it then turns into a popularity contest creating unbalanced teams, weird little cliches and for some unnecessary feelings of being left out.Left Out

So when this finally happened I decided not to worry about who I worked with and to not try too hard to try and fit in. I just sat patiently until some group offered to let me in or until out of necessity I was put in a group. I didn’t want to put up with that emotional garbage. 🙂

I was finally picked up by a good group with some solid potential and with having worked with half of them before. This should be good.