Image_05Role: Producer

Razor: Tess is a 3D maze, world manipulation game. Using the 4th dimension you are able to warp, bend and twist the 3D space around you as you explore new cross sections of your environment to find your way out.

This was the prototype that we attempted to get green lit for our thesis project. It was the most fun I’ve Unity 2015-02-12 12-32-19-97had working on a team. Very low stress, and easily managed. I was able to make sure everything got done and that we were able to add just a little juice via particles and a fun opening. We were able to schedule time to practice the pitch and everybody was happy with the results. Here is a trailer that one of our engineers put together.


Role: Co-Producer/Music Guy

Razor:A two player “basketbrawler.” Each player is a witch from a Russian folk tale and is trying to score points by sacrificing a pig in an alter before the other player or by reducing their opponent’s lifebar down to zero created in Unreal Engine 4.

SkaskaScreenShotThis game was a scheduling challenge. Oftentimes the other producer and I would be told that things weren’t able to get done because of one issue or another. But we kept our heads cool and just rescoped it and shuffled priorities to create a fun and complete experience for the game. I again mixed the music for this game to give it a frantic feel that added to the chaos of the game. And at the 11th hour we were able to put together the pitch for game that was enjoyed by all. It was also featured at the EAE showcase and was one of the most played games of the night.

Icehole Narwhals

TitleRole: Co-Producer/Music Producer

Razor: Inspired by the isometric view of the classic game Zaxxon, you are a herd of Narwhals trying to swim through the ice fields. Using your rainbow lasers you must find the holes in the ice and swim in the correct formations to fit through them with out crashing and braking your horn.

This was a shortened sprint game. We had 3 weeks from team formation to delivery, and considering what we got out there, I’m proud of what we’ve done. The initial design got shut down forcing us to scramble and have a power brainstorming session. Out of which came the idea of human tetris with a narwhal theme. I was able to mix together the music for the game which gave it its surreal vibe. And with only minimal team drama we were able to finish a working prototype that was featured at our end of semester EAE night.Icehole - screenShot 2

Banana-nana Bat

TitleScreenRole: Producer/Sound Guy

Razor: You play as a bat trapped in a hunted house littered with traps that are trying to kill you. You are on a quest to find your lost bananas to survive the night. You have your sonar ability that allows you to ping the area around you, increasing your field of view to avoid deadly pitfalls.

Here is first game that I had an opportunity to work on as part of the EAE Program. It was the first time we had every had to work together as a team of strangers. We were using Mono Game Development to make this game which uses C#. Because of that I was able to pitch in and add the sound to the game. I have found that oftentimes, sound is neglected, and it was a good thing I jumped on it early because it wasn’t easy. I had to compile the sound files in a version of visual studios 2008 to get the right XML file to add to the project. It was a fun experience.