Bigger and Better!

Despite hitting a slump after IGF submissions our team went to work on designing the next phase of our game. We have the basic loop in, now it’s just time to flesh it out.

unrealistic-expectationsHere’s the problem that I see. We have put together this initial area of our game, it explains the stat grid, and the offerings, and your Aumakua but it does a poor job of being a fun game… It’s unrealistic_expectations-1024x584starting to sink in that we really should have built the puzzles of the stat grid first and have this whole intro thing later. But we didn’t do that and we have what we have to work with. Our designers, Sean, Paul and Aqeel have done a good job coming up with the God trials and designing puzzles to utilize our mechanics. As is the case with additional features, it’s terrifyingly easy to talk a big game and have these grand visions of what it could be. During the initial talks, I did have to be the wet towel and make sure we scope it appropriately for our skill level. We’re just baby developers…:)

But that doesn’t mean what we have isn’t good. In fact, I’m really happy in the fact that our game is something different from the other thesis games. We’re trying to tell/teach this story and culture and not merely a cool mechanic. I’m starting to see more and more that our game can truly BE something that is worth sharing and can have perpetual legs as a student project. If we get it into the right hands and have the right amount of Hawaiian culture that we teach, this is something that will go on and on. That excites me. That this game will not go on to be forgotten. That’s what we all really want when you stop and think about it. We want to create something that other people will talk about and other people will want to see. We want to make a difference in a positive way.


I am a student in the EAE Masters Game Studio as a Producer. It is here that I plan on doing the amazing.
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