The 4th Dimension

Decisions have been made!

4dI am now the producer for a 4D puzzle game. Well, we’re actually not sure what it’s going to be exactly yet but we do know that it’s a 4D game, with a 4D theme or something like that.

In reality, my role as producer isn’t to be the creative lead on this one. My role is to facilitate the creation of the game, that it gets made, that communication is happening, that everyone is doing their best and to take care of any road blocks that may be getting in the teams way.

We have roughly 3 weeks to create a prototype, a proof of concept that what XDI-4thwe’re building can and will be cool and that we can actually build it. I took it upon myself yesterday during the design box meeting to try and focus the team on the small scale because that’s all we’re shooting for right now, to get a good prototype to show at industry night.

GSG Episode 3! – Miyamoto or Lasers!

We’re back! Sorry it’s been a little while, Christmas Break happened followed by unknown outages to the wordpress blog servers.

Lasers Miyamoto

This week we learn which came first Shigeru Miyamoto or Lasers! in a fun quiz put together by Ben.

We also talk about the daily life of a grad student in gaming and how it may be a little different than your typical grad school experience.

Also, being a podcast about grad school and gaming we’ll be reaching out to other Universities that offer gaming degrees and talking to them on their experiences in grad school. Stick with us and we’ll get you what you want to know!

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Well I’m back to the grind stone, starting off this new semester with a bang.

We have all been tasked to pitch a game idea that we want to build for our thesis games. I present to you my game.

bullyingDODGE TO ATTACK game about overcoming bullies.

I thought about it over the break about what kind of game I would like to make. I game that I would want to play, a game that I could make for the kid just learning about gaming. I came up with a 2D brawler/RPG that would solely focus on the fact that your only offence is your defense. With games with meaningful counters such as the old Lord of the Rings games, Smash Bros, Batman and Titanfall I want to make a game where counters are the only way you can defeat/hurt enemies. It was to be themed similar to the ABC classic kids show Recess.Recess_gang_Disney_UK

But alas, it turns out that the idea was liked but it wasn’t novel enough. I don’t believe it will get to the prototyping phase and go on. I did my best to pitch the best game that I could and I don’t think you could argue that the pitch wasn’t good, in fact I believe I did a really good job but it wasn’t good enough. There were many games pitched and I now have to find one that I can get behind and can champion. It turns out that it’s actually really hard to decide when nothing really grabs your attention. It has to be a game that I will be proud to put my name on. Something that I believe I can work on for a solid year.

Fingers crossed!