Thesis Game – Ideas and other stuff

After much process, we have assigned ourselves to a game and a team. I will be working on a slightly crazy first person shooter. So whats special about it?

This FPS will be played with a 360 degree camera and wall walking!
Its gonna look something like this:mercator

While I’m not biased towards any engine, some members of my team are a fan of Unity. So Unity it will be.

The Camera

Right now the camera style we are using is called mercator projection. We are using a plugin we downloaded for Unity to do this for us. Here is how it works:

  1. Scene is captured using 5 cameras around the player. Three laterally surrounding the player, and one at top and bottom.
  2. A shader then morphs each of these captures into a render texture.
  3. The render texture is then drawn onto the screen.

We have discovered that this does impact performance a lot, because the way the plugin works, it has to dump everything off the GPU buffer to make that render texture and then draw the final texture to screen. This works fine on our beast machines at school but it is something we will have to address.

Other than that, team is working on getting networking working. We really wanted networked play so we can start playtesting.

Hopefully I will have some gameplay next post!

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